We Compared the Keurig k475 vs k575 – See the Results


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Nothing inspires like the smell of coffee in the morning. Just the smell alone makes me long for coffee time. The k475 and the k575 are among the best coffee makers in the Keurig 2.0 series. They look identical at first glance. I like the fact that both these coffee makers allow you to customize your coffee just the way you like it. Plus, they are coffee makers under $200. There is so much you get by having a coffee maker at home; for one, you save money. If you are considering buying a premium coffee maker, you might consider either k475 or the k575. But first, let us look at their differences:

Choosing Between the k475 and the k575

Keurig is known to manufacture high-quality coffee makers with more than a dozen models on the market. Your needs will dictate the coffee maker you choose, seeing that each of these is unique in its own way. When shopping, consider:

  • Capacity
  • Coffee strength control
  • Convenience
  • Counter space
  • Special features

If you need a coffee maker to use in the morning, you need something that is easy to use. However, extra features also come in handy when you need to achieve a given taste. Capacity refers to the amount of coffee you can make at once.

While some coffee makers allow you only a few cups, others allow up to 10 cups in one go. I like having my coffee strong while my hubby, Alex, likes his mild. To this end, we go for a coffee maker that allows us to control the strength.

Appearances and price matter, but only when you are satisfied with all other features of a coffee maker.

Design and Appearance

When you place them side by side, you will realize that they share a lot of design features, and unless you read the model numbers, you might mistake them for the same model. The design layouts, including the placement of controls and the cup holder, are the same. They are relatively the same height, same width and same weight.

However, the k475 has more black and white colors than the k575, which is gray. These coffee makers are not small, but you should be able to place them on your counter with ease. At the top of each model, there is a color touchscreen for easy control. On the k575’s screen is wider, making it even easier to use as compared to the k475.


You need a coffee maker that will make enough coffee in one go for your family or for the office. The k475 and the k575 are slightly different. They are both compatible with k-cup pods, k-carafe pods and k-mug pods. This makes them suitable for use by a family. The k475 can hold up to 70oz in its water reservoir. It can only serve up to 12oz k-cup pods, up to 16oz k-mug pods and up to 30oz k-carafe pods. The fact that it can serve up to 30oz coffee makes it ideal for a family of more than four. It brews 9 coffee sizes from a minimum of 4oz to a maximum of 30oz.

On the other hand, the k575 sports an 80oz water reservoir. It holds 10oz more water than the k475, meaning you will refill less than you will with the k475. The k575 can serve up to 12oz k-cup pod, up to 18oz k-mug and up to 30oz k-carafe. On this front, the coffee makers have an almost equal capacity.


If you are like me, you hate waiting for more than a minute to get coffee. Both the k475 and the k575 brew coffee at the same speed. You will need to wait for one minute to make k-cup pods and up to three minutes to make k-carafe pods. The mode of operation is the same and you will wait for the same time to have your cup of coffee. It brews 10 coffee sizes from a minimum of 4oz to a maximum of 30oz.

Controls and Features

Both the k475 and the k575 are designed with easy to use controls. They both have a power button on top of which there is a color touchscreen display. After you power on the appliance, you can customize your coffee on the screen. The k475 is designed with a 2.4 inch color touchscreen. On the screen, the device allows you to regulate temperature, set coffee strength, set the coffee maker based on your altitude, put the device on energy saver mode, set favorites, set a digital clock and set it on carafe auto brew. These are great features to be on a coffee maker. Used right, this coffee maker will deliver just the coffee quality you are looking for. However, you cannot control the screen light.

The k575, on the other hand, is offered with a 2.8 inch touchscreen color display. This gives you enough room to for the settings. On the display, you can set the temperature, altitude, coffee strength, energy saver mode, favorites and k-carafe auto-brew. On top of these features, the k575 sports a customizable wall paper on the touchscreen and features nightlight. The night light is especially important in a coffee maker since you may need a cup of coffee any time of the day, and save energy while at it. One great feature that sets this coffee maker apart is the hot water feature. Unlike the k475, the k575 has a hot water outlet. You can get hot water whenever you need.


Coffee makers are easy to use and these two are not any different. Switch on the unit from the power button and do all settings on the screen above. When you need a fast cup of coffee in the morning, even when you are using the unit for the first time, it will take you less than two minutes to get your coffee. All settings are well displayed and easy to access.


Keurig calls the k575 ‘The Ultimate Brewer’. Not because it is in a manner more special than the k475. However, it is offered with a few extra features that make it ideal for all forms of coffee making. Both these coffee makers retail at under $150. The k575 is slightly more expensive than the k475. To a coffee lover, the difference might not be much, making it a challenge to choose the best between the two.

Keurig 475 Pros and Cons


  • Allows you to make up to 8 cups of coffee in one go
  • Water tank is detachable for easy cleaning
  • Designed with five temperature settings for a customized cup of coffee
  • Easy to control coffee strength from mild to strong
  • Produces coffee in a minute or less
  • The drip tray is removable for easy cleaning


  • Relatively noisy while brewing
  • Not accompanied by a coffee filter
  • You have to buy carafe separately


Keurig k575 Pros and Cons


  • Gives hot water on demand
  • Automatic on and off
  • Extra large display makes it easy to read and customize
  • Large 80oz water reservoir
  • Comes with a storage drawer for neat k-cups storage
  • Can brew different coffee brands including Maxwell house, Starbucks and Mountain Coffee


  • The programmable settings only work with k-carafe and not regular k-cups
  • Brews only k-cup brands
  • Old model and third party k-cups are not accommodated


Frequently Asked Customer Questions

Which should I choose ?

Your needs and your budget will dictate which model you choose between the two. Each is good in its own way and your choice will be a matter of preference.

What is the warranty on the k475 and the k575?

Both the k475 and the k575 come with a 1-year limited warranty reminiscent of all Keurig coffee makers.

Who are these two coffee makers designed for?

The k475 is designed for people who prefer performance over luxury. It gives you value for money. This model is suitable for a family of not more than eight or a small office of about 8 people.

The k575 is designed for luxury. It will fit those who are always taking coffee and want a horde of features to customize the coffee making experience. It will fit a large family and a small office.


If I were to choose one between these two, I would go with the k475 because even though I love great coffee, I do not need some of the features on the k575. But, that is just me.

Though each has its own flaws, they have both received great reviews from consumers. Compared with other coffee makers from Keurig, these two have relatively more features. Though they are offered in colors that resonate with the décor of most kitchens, more color options would have been better. Their prices match their performance and features. Seeing that you can set them on automatic brewing, they tell you when your coffee is ready to minimize mistakes and avoid accidents. This makes them a safe option.

Keurig k475 Review

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Keurig k575 Review

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