Keurig k250 vs k55 Review


Coffee feels great all day every day. But unless you have a good coffee maker, the process of brewing coffee may feel tedious. Keurig has a long list of coffee makers, most of which function the same, and some having one or two differences. However, the Keurig k55 and Keurig 250 have more than five differences. Whether you choose the k250 or the k55, you are guaranteed of good coffee.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Coffee Maker

Keurig has more than ten coffee makers. There are other brands with various models on the market. In the sea of coffee makers, it is a challenge choosing the right one. It is tedious when you know not what to look for.

The Keurig k55 and Keurig 250 are both designed for coffee lovers; people who make coffee a couple of times before the day ends. That is me all day. You do not need to have used a coffee maker before as they are designed for the absolute starter. They are also large, allowing them to accommodate a family. If that describes you, you might consider either of these two coffee makers.

There are several points to consider when shopping for a coffee maker:

  • Size
  • Ease of use
  • Compatibility with K-cups and other third party products
  • Capacity
  • Price

Coffee makers are offered in different sizes. The size you choose will be dictated by the size of space you have. Relatively big coffee makers have more capacity while the small ones have a relatively low capacity. For a family, choose a coffee maker with a large capacity. Some coffee makers are programmable, allowing you to brew just the kind of coffee you love, while others are designed with a single or two buttons to ease the process of making coffee. Choose a coffee maker whose operation you find easy to navigate.

The compatibility of coffee makers with K-cups and other products is important especially if you are living in a place where you do not have access to certain products. Finally, your budget will determine the coffee maker you buy.

Size and Appearance

Both the Keurig k55 and Keurig 250 are pod style coffee makers.  I love products that look beautiful besides being practical and functional.

The Keurig k250 is offered in red, white, turquoise, violet and black colors. These colors give it a warm look and an art-deco quality. It is sleeker than the k55 though both of them are almost the same size, especially in pictures.

The Keurig k55 is offered in the same colors as the k250, but has two added colors; blue and rhubarb. It wears a classic look in black and an elegant look in bright colors. On your countertop, these machines will not occupy much space and they will leave a footprint.


These two coffee makers, by virtue of being Keurig models, perform relatively the same. However, the first cup you make with the k55 will be slower than you would expect with a standard coffee maker. From the second cup and onwards, these coffee makers will prepare coffee in a few minutes. The operation of these two coffee makers is also relatively the same, though the k250 is programmable. You will, therefore, wait for the same time to get a cup of coffee.

K-Cup Compatibility

Both the Keurig k55 and Keurig 250 are compatible with K-cups. You will fit the coffee with no struggle. K-cups allow you to make up to 10 ounces, which is not much if you are making coffee for your family.

The k250, besides accommodating k-cups, has other options. It is compatible with k-carafe pods and k-mug pods. This makes it ideal if you are considering a family coffee maker. I’m an ardent coffee drinker and my husband Alex is more like me. We, therefore, prefer the k250, thanks to its versatility. For the two coffee makers, you can purchase a k-cup filter and use it for your coffee grounds in place of the readymade pods. This feature is loved by many customers and I hope you do too.

Brew Sizes

Seeing that the k55 is only compatible with k-cup, it allows you to make 6, 8 or 10 ounces of coffee. This is a good capacity if you are using the coffee maker alone; no family. I would have loved it if I were the only person that loved coffee in my family.

The k250, on the other hand, takes the stage. It makes 4, 8 or 10 ounces with the k-cup. With the k-mug, this unit can make 12, 14 and 16 ounces of coffee. This is ideal for a small family. With the k-carafe, the k250 makes 22, 26 and 30 ounces of coffee. This makes it a good choice when you have a large family and when making coffee for visitors.


The k55 holds 48 ounces of water. This means you do not have to keep on adding water. A plus for it.

The k250, on the other hand, holds 40 ounces of water. This is 25 percent lower than the k55. I do not feel like this is a big difference for some people. For an additional serving, add some water.


These two coffee makers are different in their controls. However, both of them are easy to use.

The k55 is offered with buttons with symbols showing the serving size. This makes it easier for you to choose a serving. It is also offered with a power button and another button that lets you set automatic switch off. The buttons are quite simple for any coffee lover. It also has a screen display.

The k250 is offered with a white LCD display. On the home screen you can choose the brew size with the arrow keys. The brew size is indicated with oz number. At the corner of the screen, you can choose “coffee” to set the brew strength. From the same screen, you can also choose the cup size. The controls of k250 feels more digital and, thereby, overtaking the k55.

Brew Strength Control

This is one feature that I really appreciate. There are some strong coffees on the market and if you are like me, you love your coffee moderate. This feature is only offered by the k250; the k55 is yet to hit this level. However, there are people who do not see much difference. If you are using a coffee maker that doesn’t have this feature, you can choose strong coffee grounds and ignore the settings.

High Altitude settings

Altitude affects the boiling of water. Most of Keurig coffee makers are designed with different heat settings. To this end, a feature that caters for changes in elevation and boiling point is necessary. This feature is offered by the k250 only. It is not a feature that you will realize is missing.


Both these appliances are offered with a one-year warranty.

Keurig k250 – Pros and Cons

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  • Designed to accommodate k-carafe and k-mug cups for a variety of brew sizes
  • Its sizes, colors and shape make it appealing to the eye
  • Brew strength settings for use allowing you to customize your coffee
  • The LCD display makes it easy to operate
  • Takes up less space on your counter


  • Only compatible with 2.0 k-cups
  • Does not have auto shut-off; a feature in most other coffee makers
  • No temperature setting

Keurig k55 – Pros and Cons


Versatile, working with different k-cup pods

Large, 48 oz, water reservoir

Designed with user friendly controls with LCD display

Features auto-off

QuietBrew technology for silent brews


Preparing first cup takes a lot of time

The unit can only make up to 10 ounces of coffee

So, which is the best between Keurig k55 and Keurig 250?

Both of these coffee makers are unique in their own ways. The model you choose will depend on your needs. I need coffee for my family, and, therefore, I choose k250, which can make up to 30 ounces of coffee. However, if you do not need a lot of coffee, the k55 would be a good choice. They are both relatively easy to use and aesthetically appealing. Though the k250 has more features, there is still something to love about the k55.

Are the prices different?

Yes, they are offered at different prices. The K250 is slightly pricier than the k55. You are paying for the extra features here.

Are there alternative to these two coffee makers?

There are practically thousands of coffee maker models to choose from. Keurig, for instance, has more than ten models. Use the guide given above to choose alternative online include the Keurig k145 and k15.


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If I were to pick one model between these two, I would go with the k250. Which model meets your needs without breaking your bank? It is not logical to have a model with so many features that you will never use. You can buy a coffee maker now and then upgrade later if need be. For office use and college students, the k55 is the ideal choice.



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