Robot Vacuums

Roomba 614 next to Roomba 675 along with a smartphone..

Roomba 614 vs 675 – What’s the Difference?

Vacuum robots are expensive, especially those with smart features and advanced technologies. But the brand iRobot has entry-level vacuum robots that are budget-friendly. There are many series from iRobot’s Roomba selection. The 600 Series has the most basic and the most affordable vacuum robot from the brand.

The Roomba 980 Robot Vacuum.

Roomba 980 Review – How Good is This Robot Vacuum?

The iRobot’s vacuum robots are proven to be very reliable and the Roomba 980 is not an exception. It is a premium vacuum robot designed to help you do your chores by seamlessly cleaning your floors. The Roomba 980 is packed with advanced technologies and smart features, however, it comes with a high price.